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Our E-Board

Haris Shaikh

Haris Shaikh is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering with an expected graduation date on Dec 2018. Haris’s concentrations are on Data System Software, Microprocessors, and Embedded Systems. Haris is currently interning at Lockheed Martin as a Software Engineer.

Melanie Moreno

Vice President
Melanie Moreno is a senior in Computer Engineering. She has her major concentrations in Cybersecurity and Networking. She is a first-generation college student from Cuba.

Xiomara del Corral

Corresponding Secretary
Xiomara del Corral is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Engineering and is expecting to graduate in December of 2018. She is interested in vulnerability assessment, digital forensics, and data analytics. Xiomara hopes to expand her knowledge and excel in the field of cybersecurity.

Deymo Fernandez

Project Manager
Deymo Fernandez is an Undergraduate Computer Engineering student at FIU. He will be graduating in spring 2020.

Luis Gonzalez

Recording Secretary
Luis is currently studying Computer Engineering with concentrations in integrated Nano-technology, Computer Architecture, and Microprocessor Design.

Contact Info

(305) 348-2522
Mon - Fri : 9am-5am